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Saturday Breakfast @ Mike’s

Saturday Mornings at Mike’s 



16 oz. Coffee, Milk, and Orange Juice $1.75

Mike’s Breakfast Meats (2) $1.75




Mike’s Toast (2 slices) $1



$10 Slinger

Hash browns, sausage, 2 eggs, chili, Monterey Jack. Chopped onions

 $10 Big Breakfast

3 Eggs, 3 Meats, Hash browns, 3 Pancakes, Toast

$8 Country Breakfast 

2 Eggs, 1 meat, Hash browns, Toast

$7 (4) Egg Omelette with toast

Veggie = Onion,  Mushroom, Tomato, Cheese

Ham n Cheese

Bacon n Cheese

Sausage n Cheese

Steak or Pulled pork add $1

$5 Pancake Stack (4)

chocolate chips add $0.75

(ask about pancakes of the day)

$5 Brioche French Toast (4)

$5 Breakfast Sandwich on Buttery Brioche Bun

choice of meat, fried egg, american cheese, jalapeño aioli

$8 Breakfast Burger 

American Cheese, fried egg, bacon, and jalapeño aioli on brioche bun 

$4 Biscuits 'n Country Gravy

$2.50 Bagel Toasted

butter, cream cheese, or jelly upon request

Add ons

$2 Hash Browns 

$1 Egg (1)

$1 Biscuit